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Terms & Conditions

WUSIFY is an online platform for retailers to transact with consumers. By using the platform to make purchase, customer hereby agrees to the following terms and conditions:

  1. All retailers have their own terms and conditions governing their products and services offered. Customers are encouraged to read their terms and conditions related to the products and services offered before making purchases.
  2. If customer have any enquiry regarding the offered products and services, please contact the retailers directly via the links provided:
    1. For mobile: It can be found at the Learn More page.
    2. For web: It can be found at the retailer’s Business.
  3. Customer are welcome to rate the retailer based on the quality of product and service rendered, as we believe it will help other customers to make inform purchase. However, this rating does not represent WUSIFY’s position in anyway; and customer will need to bear the full responsibility of their act and hold liable for any legal implication for any wrongful, deceptive and misleading allegation.
  4. WUSIFY does not hold any stocks and we work with strategic partner for orders fulfilment. This service is extended to all retailers and they are free to opt-in to use the service and/or use their own solution. Customer will need to contact the retailer directly on the shipping status if the retailer chose to use their own solution. If the order is fulfilled by our strategic partner, you will receive email notification with tracking code once the products are shipped out.
  5. In cases where dispute arises and there is a need on refund on purchases, we will require an agreement letter in the form of Word document, PDF or email between customer and the retailer. Once received, we will proceed with the refund.
  6. In cases whereby both party cannot come to an agreement, WUSIFY will mediate the case on a case by case basis and make the final judgments decision on how best to resolve the matter.
  7. To safeguard customer’s interest, we will hold on to the payment of the transactions until the customer has duly confirmed the products received (by updating the Purchased History). Customers need to confirm they have received the order before payment is release to retailers. However, if there’s no action taken, the system will automatically trigger the status change based on the Estimated Time of Arrival. After which, customer have 3 days more to deny receiving the product. Once this period is over, WUSIFY reserves all rights to refuse any arguments pertaining to the order.
  8. We strive to make WUSIFY the best shopping platform, helping the local retailers and/or retailers within our network to succeed in e-Commerce. We take feedback seriously and monitor the reviews regularly to constantly improve our platform. However, if there are any traces or patterns which we think:
    1. The customer is making things difficult for the retailers and/or
    2. The retailer received complaints outside our threshold

      WUSIFY reserved all rights to blacklist the customer from further using the platform. Likewise, we reserved all rights to delist the retailer.
  9. The currency used for payment for the order by default, will be the local currency. However, whenever there are orders across different retailers spanning across different countries, the payment currency will be switched to USD.